Thousands of Women and Children in India who are Survivors of Violence at their homes, office, streets are searching the internet to find help and support to deal with the shock and trauma. They are afraid to go to the police because of the associated social taboos and perceptions.

We created as An Online Platform which will connect Survivors directly to caregivers & NGOs close to them. This enables Survivors to Effortlessly Find Information about caregivers that is accessible, verified, credible and relevant. More than 25,000+ visitors come to our site every month looking for help.

We are a small group of volunteers who are passionate about ending violence against women in India. We want to empower survivors with information so they can connect with caregivers and seek help.

Note: We are a group of volunteers and not a registered organization so will not be able to provide a tax exemption receipt for your contribution. We will however provide a standard receipt for your reference. Your contribution will help us maintain the site, pay for server fees and updates, add more helplines to the site and reach out to more survivors.