Free Lessons – Guitar Lesson World Play better with free online guitar lessons. Sat, 26 Aug 2017 09:32:14 +0000 en-US hourly 1 leasons&h1=wp-content/uploads/2015/12/cropped-guitarlessonworldlogo-whitebackground-1-32x32.jpg Free Lessons – Guitar Lesson World 32 32 Chord Construction leasons&h1=chord-construction/ leasons&h1=chord-construction/#comments Wed, 17 Feb 2016 14:45:29 +0000 This is a complete guide to chord contruction with simple rules that broke me out of my playing rut.  You’ll learn how to construct chords using two methods, how to name chords, how chords relate [...]

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Modes leasons&h1=modes/ leasons&h1=modes/#comments Mon, 25 Jan 2016 01:16:54 +0000 Learn how and why to use the modes in this lesson.  They’re as easy to play as the major scale, but you need to know how they work to play them correctly.  This lesson will [...]

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12 Bar Blues leasons&h1=12-bar-blues/ leasons&h1=12-bar-blues/#comments Sun, 17 Jan 2016 14:22:25 +0000 Learn the 12 Bar Blues in style.  This lesson covers the traditional, quick change, and shuffle blues.  It includes the first chords you should know and some substitutions that you can try.  I even cover [...]

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Song Construction leasons&h1=song-construction/ leasons&h1=song-construction/#respond Fri, 01 Jan 2016 14:31:39 +0000 In this lesson, you’ll learn how to construct the song, Romance Anonimo.  It is a beginner fingerstyle song that is great for demonstrating how you can construct a fingerstyle song from a simple melody into a harmonized [...]

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Arpeggios leasons&h1=arpeggios/ leasons&h1=arpeggios/#respond Sun, 20 Dec 2015 14:38:00 +0000 An arpeggio is a succession of chord tones. When you play a solo, you try to focus on the chord tones of the progression that you are playing over. Sometimes you might stray away from [...]

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Harmonics leasons&h1=harmonics/ leasons&h1=harmonics/#respond Sun, 20 Dec 2015 14:37:15 +0000 Harmonics are played every time you pluck a note. Most of the time, however, you do not hear them. What you hear is the fundamental (sometimes called the first harmonic). The fundamental is the loudest [...]

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Alternate Tunings leasons&h1=alternate-tunings/ leasons&h1=alternate-tunings/#respond Sun, 20 Dec 2015 14:36:50 +0000 This lesson teaches you how to approach learning alternate tunings.  I will also discuss a few alternate tunings, why they’re useful, and my approach to using them. Why Use Alternate Tunings People use alternate tunings [...]

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DADGAD leasons&h1=dadgad/ leasons&h1=dadgad/#comments Sun, 20 Dec 2015 14:35:53 +0000 DADGAD Tuning is a popular alternative to standard notation. It is tuned by taking your guitar in standard tuning and dropping the 1st, 2nd, and 6th string a whole step down. You can do this [...]

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Determining the Key leasons&h1=determining-the-key/ leasons&h1=determining-the-key/#comments Sun, 20 Dec 2015 14:35:25 +0000 I am going to show you how to find the key when you have just a written piece of music in standard notation and also when you just know the chord progression. Determining the Key [...]

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Drop 2 Chords leasons&h1=drop-2-chords/ leasons&h1=drop-2-chords/#comments Sun, 20 Dec 2015 14:34:49 +0000 Drop 2 chord voicings are formed by taking a chord and then dropping the next to the highest note, or voice, to the lowest note of the chord. Similarly, there are drop 1, drop 3, [...]

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